A trusted partner for investing in resilient, sustainable private companies.

Coeuraj Capital is a private investment firm that seeks to create financial and societal benefits through ownership and management of operating businesses.

Our long-term patient capital approach allows for the selection of superior assets, resulting in better long-term performance.

We invest in exceptional companies with sound value, defensible business models, and strong management teams.
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June, 2023
Press release

Ecologyst Secures Strategic Investment from Coeuraj Capital

Ecologyst, a leader in sustainable clothing manufacturing, is thrilled to announce a significant investment from Coeuraj Capital.
Coeuraj Capital Approach
Value Creation Strategy
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A sustainable competitive advantage is fundamental to our approach.

Our unique value creation strategy is rooted in the integration of private equity best practices with organizational transformation to deliver lasting value for all stakeholders.
We take a sector agnostic approach, with a focus on sourcing North American middle market companies that best fit our sustainble growth value creation strategy.
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