June, 2023

Ecologyst Secures Strategic Investment from Coeuraj Capital, Accelerating Sustainable Growth and Building North America's First Net Zero Clothing Supply Chain

Coeuraj Capital Approach
Press release

[Victoria, BC - June 27, 2023] –Ecologyst, a leader in sustainable clothing manufacturing, is thrilled to announce a significant investment from Coeuraj Capital. This strategic partnership will enable Ecologyst to accelerate its mission of building NorthAmerica's first net zero clothing supply chain.

“We are excited to partner with Coeuraj Capital as we embark on this next leg of our journey," said René Gauthier, CEO of Ecologyst. "We were fortunate to have several options when choosing a capital partner, and we agreed to terms with Coeuraj Capital because of their unwavering commitment to biosphere integrity and their long-term approach in achieving it. Together, we are determined to obliterate the notion that making a profit and doing good are mutually exclusive.”

Ecologyst's ambitious plan to buildNorth America's first net zero clothing supply chain reflects its dedication toUN Sustainable Development Goal 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure).By creating or retrofitting existing infrastructure, Ecologyst aims to enable the necessary changes toward a truly sustainable clothing industry. This innovative approach will drive systemic change, reducing carbon emissions and resource consumption throughout the supply chain.

"We are champions of innovative companies that defy convention and are fearless in their approach to achieving financial and societal impact,” stated Duncan MacRae, Co-Founder and President of Coeuraj. "We choose Ecologyst for our first investment due to their unwavering dedication to sustainable manufacturing, reputation for high-quality products, and ambitions for driving systemic change in the clothing industry,”said Bobby Ahluwalia, Managing Partner of Coeuraj Capital. “We, along with our sister company Coeuraj, are excited to join forces with Ecologyst, contributing not only financial resources but also strategic guidance enabled by our transdisciplinary capability to drive their growth and scale impact."

The investment will enable Ecologyst to continue executing its buy and green-scale strategy. In August 2022, Ecologyst completed its first acquisition of Frankie Collective, a company that diverts clothing from landfill and uses end-of-life clothes as raw materials in manufacturing new pieces. This acquisition is an important component of building a circular supply chain, reducing waste, and dramatically reducing carbon footprint. Funds will be used to acquire additional components of the clothing ecosystem.

Ecologyst and its partnership with Coeuraj Capital and Coeuraj represent a unified effort to build a sustainable future. With the new funding, Ecologyst is poised to embark on an exciting phase of growth, further solidifying its position as a leader in the clothing industry.

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About Ecologyst

Ecologyst is a clothing manufacturer committed to making high-quality, responsibly-made products for conscientious consumers. With a focus on durability, environmental stewardship, and ethical manufacturing practices, Ecologyst strives to create a circular supply chain accessible to brands and end customers alike. Through its dedication to responsible sourcing and innovative design, Ecologyst aims to inspire individuals to live in harmony with nature and make a positive impact on the planet.